My Dearest (2023)

My Dearest (2023)

Other name: 연인 연인 파트 1 戀人1 Yeonin 1 Yeonin My Dearest Part 1 My Dearest 1 Lovers 1 Lovers Дорама Возлюбленные


A love-story between a noble woman and a mysterious man set in Joseon during the Qing invasion, know in Korean as Byeongja Horan. Yu Gil Chae is a well-bred woman from a good family, an arrogant person who believed that the love of all men in the world was also hers, but after going through the weather of war, she became a person who truly fell in love with a man. Lee Jang Hyun, a mysterious man who suddenly appears in the Neunggun-ri social scene one day. He is a complex character with a dark inside that he cannot reveal to anyone in his natural playfulness. He didn't love anything, so he didn't give his sincerity to anything, but after he got to know a woman, he opened the door to an unexpected fate.

Episodes: 10

Original Network: MBC;

Director: Kim Seong Yong [김성용]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Historical; melodrama; Romance;

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